Serampore Girls’ College

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CLASS ROUTINE 2nd Semester2019
Affiliated to the University of Calcutta
Re- accredited by NAAC with Grade B (2nd Cycle)



Academic  Background:

Serampore and its surrounding places boast of its cosmopolitan population living in a very congenial and peaceful atmosphere. A sizeable population in these areas are Hindi speaking who were suffering from despair as there was no college in the District of Hooghly which had Hindi Department. As a result many Hindi speaking students, specially the girl students could not proceed further beyond Higher Secondary level.

We are very proud that our college played a pioneering role by opening Hindi Department in 2006 in within quarter Century of its birth. Hindi is taught here both as a compulsory and General subject and till date our College is the only one which teachers Hindi as a General Subject in the entire district of Hooghly.

Academic Programs Offered :


Click here (Calcutta University syllabus)

Curriculum (Hindi):

Main objective is to important quality education to the students.

Apart from our main objective stated above we want to make the students the idal citizen by improving some basic ideals among them like secular, democratic and tolerance and belief in equality of both the sexes.

Academic Calendar:

The Department follows strictly the Academic Calendar of the college.



Students Profile:


Department publishes a Hindi Wall magazine and the lead role is taken by the students.

Teachers  Profile:

Name of Teacher


Academic Qualification

Dr. Nandita Mukherjee


M.A., Ph. D.

Ms. Karuna Gupta

Guest Lecturer

M.A. M.Phil.

Future Programme:

We are approaching authorities for opening Honours Course in Hindi.