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ONLINE ADMISSION 2019 BA/ Bsc Hons & General


Add On Courses

Spoken English

The basic aim of the course was to improve the communicative skill of a student in regular day to day situations. The course was started on August 2015 and was designed for at least a period of 6 months. Mostly the students from B .A 3rd year was seen enthusiastic about the course and they made up around 90% of the total number of students.
The Institute of English, Calcutta co-operated by the college (Department of English) in framing an outline for the Course and provided materials both print and audio for the students.

Basic Computer Training

The courses augmented from 1st August 2015 with 4hour class per week ,which include 2 hour theory and 2hour practical class. The course is primarily outlined around fundamental computer knowledge which is necessary for competitive exams.

Music and Tailoring

These courses were primarily started from 2008 and was later resumed from 2015. While Tailoring is a diverse crafting and enchanting profession, Music stand out both as a soulful endeavor to express emotion, love, beauty, ferocity and darkness of the world around us. In today’s work both these professions acts not only as passion but also opens up different avenues in professional sectors.
Our College provides students the platform to undertake such vocational courses to explore and develop the talent that might have subdued itself under the framework of day to day academic activities. At present around 20 students have enrolled themselves both these courses.