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Re- accredited by NAAC with Grade B (2nd Cycle)



The Department of Geography is the only earth science department of the College. Established in 1998,the department initially offered the undergraduate general degree course. It has been offering the honours degree course also from the 2001 academic session. The department with its dedicated staff and student-friendly laboratory aims at training the students to become competent new age geographers. Environment consciousness being the call of the day, geography as a discipline has emerged as a very relevant and contemporary field of study. The students of this department not only know about the earth as a physical entity, but also get a perspective of its resources and their judicious use, making them environment-aware citizens of tomorrow.

 At present the department is managed by Two (02) Whole Time Contractual Permanent teachers and Three(03) invited teachers In an academic year, at all levels, Class Tests, Mid-term Examination and Selection Tests are held to assess the students’ progress and performance. The department organizes regular excursions for the honours and general course students separately. A wall magazine “Spectrum” is brought out regularly by the students of this department.

At the time of college admission the Department also takes into consideration the admission of deserving meritorious students coming from a poor economic background. This is in tune with the motto of the college to serve the deserving women coming from an underprivileged socio-economic background.

Academic Programme:


Click here (Calcutta University syllabus)

Curriculum (Geography):

Course Structure with Distribution of Marks under 1+1+1 System of Examinations

Part – I examination (at the end of the first year, ordinarily in the month of June)

Part – II Examination (at the end of the 2nd Year , ordinarily in the month of May)

Part –III Examination ( at the end of the 3rd Year, ordinarily in the month of April)

a) Two Hons. Papers (Papers I & II : 200 Marks

a) Two Hons. Papers (Papers III & IV) : 200 Marks

a) 4 Hons. papers ( Papers V to VIII) 400 Marks

b) Elective Subjects (Paper I of 100 marks each of two elective subjects) 100×2 = 200

b) Elective Subjects (Paper II & III of 100 marks each of two elective subjects) 100x2x2 = 400

b) Environmental Studies: 100 Marks

c) Language Group : 100
i) Compulsory English -50
ii) MIL/Alt. English – 50



Total Marks : 500

Total Marks : 600

Total Marks : 500


1st Year

Paper –I Geotectonic, Geomorphology and Hydrology Oceanography

Paper IIA Economic Geography

Paper IIB Mapping Techniques

2nd Year

Paper -III Climatology, Soil Geography and Bio- Geography

Paper IVA Human Geography

Paper IVB Map interpretation and survey with instruments.

3rd Year

Paper –V Population , settlement and Regional Geography of India

Paper –VI Philosophy of Geography  and  Contemporary Issues

in Geography

Paper -VII A MappingTechniques B .GIS, RS and Field report

Paper -VIIIA Statistical Techniques and B. Contemporary Techniques  in Geography



The department is equipped with facilities like –

Student Profile:

B.A PART I -2015B.A PART II -2015
geography students_01_2015geography students_02_2015

Student Progression

Student progression

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Contractual Whole Time Teacher



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Management Appointed Guest Teacher on Temporary basis