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BA Chemistry (General) UG As per University Rule NA

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1 Chemistry General
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2022-23 28-02-2023 Ipsita Chakraborty College Sponsored Students Seminar Recent trend in Chemistry: Green Chemistry
2022-23 18-05-2023 Ipsita Chakraborty Parent-Teacher meeting Discussing about the progress of students during different Internal assessments View Report
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Our Chemistry Department provides general undergraduate chemistry courses under the CBCS syllabus, as well as minor chemistry courses under the NEP syllabus. CBCS courses cover basic and advanced chemistry topics (physical, organic and inorganic). It also provides knowledge of applied chemistry like industrial and analytical chemistry. Along with that, these courses provide the scope of learning hands-on experiments on different topics. That would enhance the skill of doing laboratory work and grasp a deep understanding of the topic. The new syllabus under NEP introduced a fresh course, the skill enhancement course. In this course, students can learn about lab safety, instrument calibration, and practical theory. The main objective of our department is to ensure a clear understanding of key topics in chemical sciences offered by the general degree courses at Calcutta University. 

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“ আমাদের এখন সেই শিক্ষাই সর্বাগ্রে প্রয়োজন যার দ্বারা চরিত্র গঠন হয়, মনের শক্তি বাড়ে,বৌদ্ধিক বিকাশ হয় এবং সর্বোপরি যে শিক্ষা মানুষকে নিজের পায়ে দাঁড়াতে শেখায়। “
-স্বামী বিবেকানন্দ