The National Service Scheme (NSS) is a Central Sector Scheme of Government of India, Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports. It provides opportunity to the student youth of Graduate at college level of India to take part in various government led community service activities & programmes. The sole aim of the NSS is to provide hands on experience to young students in delivering community service.
The motto of National Service Scheme is NOT ME BUT YOU.
Our NSS unit is functioning from 1981. It is extending its activities in the society regularly and continuously since its inception. Now the strength of our two units are 200 students. Our unit is organizing 'Special Camp' in various places every year simultaneously with many other one-day programmes.

Annual Reports

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2020-21 View Annual Report
2021-22 View Annual Report


Session Date Speaker Type Topic Report
2021-22 01-09-2021 Dr. Soma Roy, Dr. Snigdha Chatoopadhyay, Dr. Aritra Ghosh Orientation Programme

Enrolment drive and Orientation Program

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2021-22 02-09-2021 Dr. Snigdha hattopadhyay (P.O) and Dr. Aritra Ghosh (P.O) Outreach Programme Necessary Grocery food distribution to Immaculate Conception Church
2021-22 11-09-2021 Dr. Aritra Ghosh Outreach Programme Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav – FIT INDIA FREEDOM 2.0
2021-22 15-09-2021 Dr. Aritra Ghosh Dr. Snigdha Chattopadhyay Debkanti Das Competition Organize Art Competition for Local Children
2021-22 26-01-2022 National level Trainer NA National Republic Day Camp 2022 View Report
2021-22 10-03-2022 NSS Experts Orientation Programme Orientation Training Programme for NSS Programme Officers View Report
2021-22 22-03-2022 Dr. Soma Roy, Dr. Snigdha Chattoapdhyay, Dr. Aritra Ghosh, Dr. Sayanti Talukder , Dr. Shreya Pattanayak, Dr. Uttam Halder, Mrs. Pamela Bera, Dr. Soumen Dutta NA NSS Special Camp 2022 View Report
2021-22 01-05-2022 NSS Experts Cultural Programme Vivek Sanhati Utsav View Report
2021-22 05-06-2022 Dr. Snigdha Chattopadhyay, Dr. Aritra GHosh NA Environment Day View Report

“ আমাদের এখন সেই শিক্ষাই সর্বাগ্রে প্রয়োজন যার দ্বারা চরিত্র গঠন হয়, মনের শক্তি বাড়ে,বৌদ্ধিক বিকাশ হয় এবং সর্বোপরি যে শিক্ষা মানুষকে নিজের পায়ে দাঁড়াতে শেখায়। “
-স্বামী বিবেকানন্দ