ONLINE Admission 2021

Inportant Dates

As per the notification of Dept of Higher Education, WB, the online application for admission in BA/Bsc courses will start on 02.08.2021.

Merit List for Admission

Description Duration
1st Merit List of admission Expired on 3rd Sept 2021
2nd Merit List of admission Expired on 8th Sept 2021
3rd Merit List of admission Expired on 13th Sept 2021
4th Merit List of admission Expired on 21st Sept 2021
5th Merit List of admission CLICK HERE
Date of admission only on 25th Sept 2021 ( 10 am to 10 pm)

Description Date Time
Date of commencement of Online application 02.08.2021 10:00 AM
Completion of application on Online Portal for UG courses 27.08.2021 6:00 PM
Publication of provisional merit list 29th August 2021 8:00 PM (tentative)
Publication of 1st merit list for admission 30th August 2021 10:00 AM

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Rules and regulations

  • No application fee is being charged for applying for admission in UG courses this year (session 2021-22).
  • All information regarding admission is available on college website
  • Applicants will receive several alert/ confirmation SMS during the admission process, however the successful delivery of SMS is not guaranteed every time. Therefore, applicants are asked to follow the college website on regular basis so that she would not miss any important notification regarding admission or application.
  • Applicants must follow the merit list for admission.
  • Presence of the name of any applicant in merit list doesn’t entitle for admission. Admission will be done strictly according to the merit list.
  • Admission may stand cancelled if her documents are found fake or doesn’t match with application form after physical verification of documents.
  • After provisional admission, a student has to go through university registration process, upon successful completion of which she will be a proper student of this college and her status as student will be confirmed thereafter.
  • During university registration process, an applicant has her own responsibility to collect permission letter from UG Council, University of Calcutta, if she
    1. Has passed 10+2 exam prior 2021
    2. Had already registered under another college affiliated to University of Calcutta
    3. Wants to change subject which is different than the course she was registered previously.


Permission letter may be needed for her successful registration under this college.

  • If any student, after getting admission in this college, decides to register from another college under the same university (CU), she must inform the college beforehand. Otherwise she may face problems during registration process later.

Cancellation of admission:

  1. After taking admission in Serampore Girls College, a candidate may take admission in another college affiliated to Calcutta University. In that case the candidate must cancel her admission in Serampore Girls College through online mode only and 50% of admission fee may be refunded after completion of whole admission process. There is no other way of cancellation.

  2. Once the students' data is sent to university for registration, no cancellation of admission is possible. Simultaneous admission in two colleges will restrict student's registration in Calcutta University.

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