Serampore Girls' College

13, T.C. Goswami Street, Serampore, Hooghly - 712201, West Bengal, India

Established in 1981, Affiliated to the University of Calcutta

AISHE Code - C11984


Best Practice


Title of the Practice:  Empowering Women: Effective Learning Outcome Management System


Empowerment through Education:

●             Becoming a Beacon of Excellence.

●             Nurturing Student- teacher relationship

●             Unleashing Women's Potentialities

●             Enabling Rightful Societal Presence

Holistic Student Development:

●             Thriving amidst Rural Backdrops

●             Enriching Underprivileged Students

●             Nurturing Overall Growth

●             Equipping with Employability Skills

●             Strengthening for Future Empowerment


Evidence of Success :

  • The progression of the students are monitored through the system of CIE (Continuous Internal Assessment). This system prepares the students for the final end Semester exam. Parent-teacher meetings are conducted for the students who remain absent in CIE or have poor performance. Their problems, often financial or personal, are solved in consultation with their parents. Thus there are less failures or drop out candidates.
  • A well-structured   Internal Assessment system with CIE at its spearhead has enabled the students to progress to higher education. The pass percentage in the Final Semester has increased at a considerable rate.
  • Some students of our college are competent enough to qualify in different Government Jobs, Private Sector jobs and Competitive Exams like TET- Teacher Eligibility Test, Primary TET, SET and other exams. 
  • Students who have completed Certificate course in Communicative English/ Data Entry operator Course (in collaboration with Netaji Subhas Open University) are awarded a Certificate after the completion of the Course and this certificate adds to their Job profile. Two of our students Tanbira Rehman (minority) and Jayashree Dey are employed on the basis of their certificate. These students were granted full free of their Tuition fees which helped them to complete their B.A programme




Teaching Learning method

a. Progression to higher education and placement of outgoing students

b. Career advancement

Centralized CIE- Continuous Internal Evaluation

Preparation for and Improvement in University Exam

Parent teachers Meeting

Solving academic and financial and personal problems in consultation

Skill and Add on courses

a. Competence in Government and Private jobs and competitive exams.

b. Boost in personal profile

Scholarship, full fee and half fee waiver

Enriching Underprivileged Students



Title of the Practice: Reaching out to the Community:

 Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much


Objective of the practice:

Empowerment and Collaboration: A Vision Unveiled

Title's Essence: Rooted in Helen Keller's wisdom, our title embodies the potential of collaborative empowerment, uniting individuals and communities under a shared purpose.

Active Nurturing: Through the dynamic NCC and NSS units, we translate our vision into tangible actions that extend beyond the college campus.

Community Bonds: Embracing the community beyond our borders, we cultivate responsible citizens, nurturing a sense of duty to the nation.

NSS Motto Embraced: The spirit of 'Not me but you' guides us, fostering selflessness and expanding perspectives beyond self-interest.

Expanded Mindsets: A shift from microcosmic thinking to macrocosmic outlooks introduces novel avenues for social engagement and interaction.

Collective Problem-Solving: We address community challenges head-on, seeking effective solutions that drive positive change at a grassroots level.

In unity, empowerment takes root, reflecting our commitment to shaping socially aware and empowered individuals.


Evidence of Success :

A Tapestry of Triumphs: Recognitions and Beyond

  Global Acknowledgments: NSS and NCC community service has garnered widespread national and international recognition, painting a portrait of achievement.

  Inspirational Accolades: These accolades stand as beacons, lighting a path for all, especially underprivileged students, to embrace community service with renewed Vigor.

  Empowerment Through Service: NSS and NCC membership becomes a pledge to bolster communities against societal hurdles, strengthening resolve to conquer challenges.

AWARDS achieved:

  - NSS & NCC Unveiled: Acknowledging the pillars of our efforts, the National Service Scheme (NSS) and National Cadet Corps (NCC), amplify our mission.

 Prestigious Accolades:

    Dr. Arindam Bhattacharya, awarded best NSS Programme Officer for 2019-2020 by Department of Higher Education, Govt. of West Bengal.

    Global Exchange: Ratna Pal and Sohini Munshi embarked on an International Student Exchange to China, symbolizing cross-cultural unity.

  National Honor Roll:

  •      Republic Day Parade at Rajpath in Delhi embraced Moumita Sen, Ananya Khan, Sohini Munshi, and Ratna Pal.
  •      Sanchari Bose, an NSS Volunteer, graced the Kolkata Local Republic Day Parade.

University Spotlight: Sanchari Bose, a shining star, was honoured as the best NSS Volunteer of 2018-2019 at the university level.

College of Excellence: Serampore Girls’ College, our institution, was hailed as the Best College for NSS Activities in 2018-2019 by University of Calcutta.

Celebrating Excellence:

    The prestigious Second Best Cadet Award found its home with JUO Simaran Shaw (WB20SWA113791) of 2 Bengal Girls’ Bn, Kol B Group, West Bengal and Sikkim.


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