Serampore Girls' College

13, T.C. Goswami Street, Serampore, Hooghly - 712201, West Bengal, India

Established in 1981, Affiliated to the University of Calcutta

AISHE Code - C11984



The college canteen is a vital facility within our educational institution, offering a small yet hygienic environment where students, faculty, and staff can enjoy meals and refreshments. This canteen is designed to cater to the diverse culinary preferences and dietary requirements of the college community.

Key features of the college canteen include:

  1. Hygiene: The canteen prioritizes cleanliness and food safety. Regular inspections and adherence to strict hygiene standards ensure that the food served is safe and wholesome.

  2. Menu Variety: Despite its compact size, the canteen provides a diverse menu with options ranging from traditional favorites to contemporary dishes. This ensures that there is something for everyone, whether you're looking for a quick snack or a full meal.

  3. Affordability: The canteen is known for its budget-friendly prices, making it accessible to all students. This affordability is crucial for college-goers on tight budgets.

  4. Timely Service: The canteen staff is efficient, ensuring that students and faculty can quickly grab a bite between classes without unnecessary delays.

  5. Seating Area: Though small, the canteen offers a comfortable seating area where patrons can relax, enjoy their food, and engage in conversations with friends.

  6. Healthy Options: Recognizing the importance of a balanced diet, the canteen includes healthy food options such as salads, fresh fruits, and low-fat snacks.

  7. Catering Services: The canteen also offers catering services for college events, making it a convenient choice for organizing gatherings and meetings.

  8. Friendly Staff: The canteen staff is known for their friendliness and dedication, making the overall dining experience pleasant and welcoming.

In conclusion, the college canteen, despite its small size, plays a significant role in the daily life of the college community. Its commitment to hygiene, diverse menu, affordability, and welcoming atmosphere make it an integral part of the college experience, providing a place where students and staff can refuel and socialize.