Serampore Girls' College

13, T.C. Goswami Street, Serampore, Hooghly - 712201, West Bengal, India

Established in 1981, Affiliated to the University of Calcutta

AISHE Code - C11984


Arts & Crafts

Objective of the Programme- the Art and Craft Exhibition of Serampore Girls’ College provided the students a platform to express their thoughts, emotions, desires. It’s about sharing the way they experience the world. The splashes of vibrant hues, different types of paintings, sketched portraits, paper flowers, articles made of paper and Eco friendly material which bring out the best creativity of the Students.

                                     But the program was not only a display of the creativity of the students on the line of Competition. It was an attempt made by the institution to provide them the platform to gain the idea of how to capitalize their creativity. Financial empowerment has always been one of the missions of the institution and this program acted as a stepping stone to attain that mission.

Organizing By- The Cultural Committee of Serampore Girls’ College

Place of the Activity- Within the Campus

Date and Time of the Activity:-  13.05.2023- Time –From 1p.m.

Outcome:- As we have said earlier Financial Empowerment has always been one of the mission of the institution. So that Art and Craft Exhibition cum Sale program provided the students a taste of being an entrepreneur of their own creativity. A financially empowered person is both informed and skilled. They understand how they spend their money, make wise financial decisions, and have access to resources to help them reach their goals.