Serampore Girls' College

13, T.C. Goswami Street, Serampore, Hooghly - 712201, West Bengal, India

Established in 1981, Affiliated to the University of Calcutta

AISHE Code - C11984

Department of Geography


Academic Session Date Type Topic View Report
2022-23 2022-09-15 Study Tour Research Methodology and field work Lab View Report
2022-23 2022-11-05 Students Seminar Based on Syllabus View Report
2022-23 2023-04-13 Students Seminar Based on Syllabus View Report
2022-23 2022-11-14 Students Seminar Based on Syllabus View Report
2022-23 2022-03-20 Special Lecture Add on Course on Hands on tool Programme in Practical Geography Conducted by Department of Geography, Serampore Girls’ College. View Report
2022-23 2023-05-19 Open House Open House View Report
2022-23 2023-04-29 NA Save Earth View Report
2022-23 2023-05-16 Career Counselling Career counseling session by alumini View Report
2022-23 2022-12-02 Extension Lecture Pollution control DAY View Report
2022-23 2023-05-17 Farewell Programme

Celebration Of farewell programme

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2022-23 2023-04-18 Special Lecture Value-based education View Report
2022-23 2023-06-05 Outreach Programme Remote sensing, geoinformatics and GPS technology View Report
2022-23 2023-05-13 Examination (NCC) EARTH DAY CELEBRATION AND SCIENCE EXHIBITION View Report
2022-23 2022-09-05 NA Teachers day View Report
2022-23 2021-12-14 Open House Open house programmeOn 14th December, 2021, the department held an open house day for 1st semester students with honours. For this, a questionnaire was prepared by the teachers to understand the general description of the teaching learning process , departmental activities from the student, and interaction was carried out between the teachers and the students. Open house offers a holistic after-school learning experience to students. It is redefined with active and engaging online and offline classes and discusses the experience of the students, Dr. Asraful Alam (HoD) conducted this programme. They explained questions and communicated openly with students so that they can express their concerns, needs and opinions without fear. There was a positive response found among students. View Report
2022-23 2022-11-29 Doubat Clearance Doubt Clearing Session View Report
2022-23 2023-04-22 NA Awareness Programme View Report
2022-23 2023-04-12 Parent-Teacher meeting Parent-teacher meeting View Report
2022-23 2021-12-16 Extension Lecture Cultural Hearth, Realm and Diffusion,World Race,Cultural Diversity,Cultural Region,Wetland,Fault and consequent landforms. View Report
2022-23 2021-12-16 Students Seminar Student Seminar View Report
2022-23 2020-07-07 Outreach Programme Outreach Programme View Report
2021-22 2021-12-12 Faculty Exchange Programme Social and Cultural Geography View Report Report   
2021-22 2021-07-09 Orientation Programme DEPARTMENTAL ORIENTATION PROGRAMME View Report Report   
2021-22 2021-12-12 Open House Open House View Report Report   
2021-22 2021-12-09 Debate & Quiz Ozone Day Celebration View Report Report   
2021-22 2021-12-16 Extension Lecture Research Methodology in Geography View Report Report   
2021-22 2021-03-09 Debate & Quiz Celebration of International Women Day View Report
2021-22 2021-09-16 Competition CELEBRATION OF OZONE DAY : POSTER COMPETITION View Report Report   
2021-22 2021-08-11 Study Tour Socio - Demographic profile of rural people in hooghly district : A block level study. View Report
2021-22 2021-11-03 NA ICT CLASS View Report
2021-22 2022-03-12 Doubat Clearance Doubt Clearance View Report
2021-22 2021-12-22 Students Seminar Student Seminar View Report
2021-22 2021-12-14 Students Seminar Student Seminar View Report
2021-22 2022-03-22 NA Wall magazine View Report
2021-22 2022-03-09 Debate & Quiz Women are better than men in our society View Report
2021-22 2022-03-09 Debate & Quiz QUIZ COMPETITION View Report
2021-22 2021-12-02 NA National Pollution Control Day View Report
2021-22 2021-09-05 Cultural Programme Teacher's Day View Report
2021-22 2022-03-22 UGC Sponsored National Seminar National Seminar View Report
2021-22 2021-09-16 NA OZONE DAY View Report
2021-22 2021-12-23 Faculty Exchange Programme Faculty Exchange programme View Report
2019-20 2019-09-19 Extension Lecture

Coral Reef Formation

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2019-20 2019-09-20 Faculty Exchange Programme

Coastal hazard and management. (Part-I) ByDr. Mridul Das, Lecturer of Serampore College

Priyanka Dey, Q-GIS software application.


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2019-20 2019-09-23 Faculty Exchange Programme

 Coastal hazard and management-(Part-II)  

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2019-20 2019-09-26 Faculty Exchange Programme

Coastal hazard and management.(Part-III)

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2019-20 2020-01-27 Extension Lecture

A extension lecture was being  organised by Department of Geography. The  department invited lecturer Sumana Roy , of Vidyasagar college who delivered lecture  on PREPERATION AND INTERPRETATION OF STATELIT IMAGERY on 27.01.2020 before the Students of  4th sem general  and 3rd year hons .

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2019-20 2019-04-03 Faculty Exchange Programme

An Overview of Christaller Center Place Theory .


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2019-20 2021-01-17 NA

“Spectrum” is our official Magazine of the Department of Geography, Serampore Girls’ College, Serampore. Basically, it is annually published on the Teachers’ day, but due to the COVID-19 period, the closing of our college and in the mind of social distancing ‘Spectrum’ has taken this virtual form for the first time as a “Spectrum- A Webzine”. 

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2019-20 2019-09-22 Students Seminar Food processing industry with special reference to India ONE DAY ONE CONCEPT View Report
2017-18 2018-02-24 Extension Lecture

Class, Caste and Social structure 



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